Rabu, 23 September 2015

5 ways an Apple Ring could enhance your life

Move over, smartwatches: the ring's the thing.
newly revealed Apple patent suggests that the company may be in the process of expanding its smart wearables category beyond the Apple Watch by developing a piece of smart jewelry.
We’ve likely got a long wait for an Apple ring to find its way from the drawing board to your finger.  Even if some of these concepts one day surface in a future Apple device, whether that’s a ring, a phone or a watch, it’s worth remembering that many of the ideas that show up in patents -- Apple’s included -- never see the light of day. We'd also be remiss for not noting the date of this particular patent filing: April 1, 2015.
Still, it’s nice to dream about a ring that could make even Hal Jordan jealous. Here are the many ways a connected ring out of Cupertino could equip you with your own set of superpowers.

Gesture Control

Ever wanted to control your TV, iPhone, or personal computer with a mere wave of your hand? That's one potential application for a smart ring. Using motion sensors embedded in the ring, you might be able to turn your TV on with a flick, or even adjust the volume by making a knob-turning motion. Further fine controls could be accomplished via the ring's built-in touchscreen — yes, the patent suggests it would have a tiny touchscreen — using combinations of gestures and taps or swipes to trigger certain functions.

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