Selasa, 22 September 2015

Microsoft launches Surface Book, its first laptop, debuts Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950 phone

Microsoft didn’t disappoint on Tuesday at its highly-anticipated hardware event, announcing its first ever laptop and also unveiled its next Surface tablet and new flagship phones.
Surface Book
The biggest surprise was the debut of Microsoft’s first laptop, the 13.5-inchSurface Book.  In keeping with Microsoft’s hybrid device strategy, the display can disconnect from the keyboard base to become a tablet.  But this is definitely a laptop first, tablet second (unlike the Surface tablets) – and probably realizes Microsoft’s ultimate vision of a hybrid device that you can actually use on your lap.  To date, Surface products have had a built-in kickstand to prop up the device, which is not an elegant solution when typing on your lap. The Surface Book solves this problem because it has been designed as a lap-friendly laptop and eschews the kickstand.
At only 1.6 pounds, it’s easily one of the lightest laptops on the planet, even handily beating Apple’s 2-pound 12-inch Retina MacBook.  But the machined magnesium alloy laptop is also built to be fast and comes with a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) from Nvidia (which is located separately in the keyboard base) and processors ranging up to Core i7 (located in the tablet) based on Intel’s just-released 6th Generation Core design.  
“Ounce for ounce, the fastest laptop every made,” said Panos Panay, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Surface Computing, during an event in New York City Tuesday.
Other Surface Book goodies include a high-resolution 3,000x2,000 display, 8GB of RAM, two full-size USB 3.0 ports, up to 12 hours of battery life, and a Surface Pen.   All of this technology packed into a very thin, light package is not cheap, however.  Pricing for the Surface Book starts at a whopping $1,499 with a 128GB solid-state drive. The device will begin shipping on Oct. 26.

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